Terms and Conditions

The ‘Hirer’

In these conditions and in the Booking Agreement ‘Hirer’ means any person, company, corporation or Government instrumentality (including the personal representatives and permitted assigns and any person or corporation entitled or required by law to administer the ‘Hirers’ affairs) who shall hire any equipment or services from MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS.



For dry hires (hires without Technician) no item is covered by insurance and all responsibility for goods on hire is with the ‘Hirer. The ‘Hirer’ agrees to pay all costs for damage to, or loss of any goods on hire.


Confirming booking

If a deposit is required a booking will not be considered confirmed until the deposit is paid and the Booking Agreement is completed and returned.



7 days notice is required for any cancellation. Deposits will not be refunded if a booking is cancelled within 7 days. Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours will incur 100% of the charge.



Should an event run past the specified time (unless alternative arrangements are made prior to booking) MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to charge for the overtime of all staff.


Late Return

Should equipment be returned after 11am of the specified return date (unless alternative arrangements are made prior to hire) MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to charge rental until 11am the following business day(s).



For dry hires (hires without Technician) the ‘Hirer’ agrees to pay all repair costs for equipment damaged by the ‘Hirer’ and to reimburse MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS at the currently applicable daily hire rate for that equipment for so long as it is unable to be re-lent following damage sustained during hire. In the event that the equipment is damaged beyond economic repair the ‘Hirer’ agrees to pay MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS the pre-damage value of that equipment.



MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS is not responsible for customers’ inexperience operating hired equipment. MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS reserves the right to substitute other suitable equipment as required.


Copyright, Performers Rights and APRA Licensing

It is the responsibility of the ‘Hirer’ to ensure Australian Copyright and Performers’ rights are adhered to and appropriate APRA licenses are purchased.


Payment of Final Invoice

For Dry Hires (hires without Technician) payment will be required prior to collection of equipment. For hires with technician final invoice will be issued shortly after the event/project. The balance must be paid within 14 days of issue of Final Invoice. Failure to do so may result in the matter being handed over to a Debt Collector to proceed with collection. If so MCKENZIE PRODUCTIONS no longer has control of the account and ALL costs, including agency commission, solicitor fees and any other expenses will be the liability of the ‘Hirer’.


Additional Terms and Conditions for PA Package Hires

  • If stairs or lifts etc are present additional staff may be required at the cost of the hirer due to OHS manual handling requirements.
  • Adequate power is to be provided within 15m of the stage.
  • For outdoor events suitable cover is to be provided such as  marquee for the stage and mix position.
  • In the event of bad weather it may be required to power down the system till the risk is removed or minimised.
  • If cabling is required to be run in public areas cable trays may be deemed necessary at an additional cost.
  • PA packages include transport within 25 km of Melbourne CBD. Additional kms are charged at $1 each way.

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